„The ultra-wideband industry is exploding into mainstream acceptance for multiple consumer markets …“

UWB Alliance 2020

“… the global UWB market is forecast to reach more than 1.2 billion units shipped by 2027.”

G. Zanella – TSR Co., Ltd. 2021

Pinpoint positioning matters for people flow
and becomes mainstream by UWB smartphones

Events and

Sport arenas, Convention centers, Exhibition grounds, Theme parks, Festival areas, Concert halls, Venues, Resorts, …

Public Infrastructure
and Mobility

Transportation hubs, Parking garages, Stations, Air ports, Harbors, Schools, Libraries, Campus areas, Shopping malls, Cruise ships, Civic centers, …

Healthcare, Industrial,

Hospital campus, Senior residences,
Industrial facilities, Manufacturing, Logistics,
Offshore facilities, Training areas, Fake cities