Orientation in space and time is essential for life
and so it is for truly smart things too.

Life will be easier if we could precisely navigate anywhere.

Things will be smarter once they know their exact location and context.

We believe in Pinpoint Positioning as a fundamental feature of future smartphones and smart things!

Knowing exactly where devices are in relation to other things provide valuable location context. Positioning data with an extreme level of accuracy will be essential for future smart things.

We believe in positioning for everything that is …


privacy by on-device positioning

The listen only mode ensures the privacy of UWB receivers by GPS-like system design. Mobile devices receive Impulse-Radio UWB that is processed on the device itself. Positioning data remain privat because neither a cloud nor a server is required.


for real-time positioning of swarm devices

On-device intelligence enables massive parallel operations of IoT swarms in real-time. Concurrently working UWB-receivers scale almost unlimited by distributed on-device processing. The max. number of edge-devices is not restricted by central resources or network traffic.


by wireless synchronised networks

Wireless synchronisation simplifies the system set up. Deployment costs drop dramatically due to saved servers and LAN wiring. Standard compliant hardware ensures interoperability. Network operators are free to use 3rd party devices of their choice.